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Young Michael Jackson Academy

Posted in Flying Music, News, Thriller Live on 20 Dec, 2012

It’s week four of the Michael Jackson Academy! We took a trip down to the studio to check out the Young Michael Jacksons in training.

This week, choreographer Todd Holdsworth and Musical Director John Maher were putting the boys through their paces on their ‘ABC’ routine. The song was first was made famous by the Jackson 5 in 1970 and showcased 11 year old Michael’s incredible vocal range. ‘ABC’ is particularly challenging to perform as it incorporates a vigorous dance routine and sky-high vocals.

We were so impressed by the high standard of all 16 YMJs. The boys are incredibly focused; their enthusiasm to sing, dance and perform is infectious. It’s only been one month, and, judging by the ground they’ve covered so far, 2013’s new cast members will be set for stardom!

Check out our videos, we will be revisiting the Academy in 2013 so stay tuned for updates and videos covering the boys’ progress.

  1. Warming up improvising session with Todd

  2. Practising ABC dance and vocals together

  3. Singing coaching with John


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