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Flying Music - Shows from 2008 - The Zombies And The Yardbirds

Flying Music proudly present Rock Legends The Zombies (Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent, Keith Airey, Jim Rodford & Steve Rodford) and The Yardbirds (Chris Dreja, Jim McCarty, Ben King, John Idan & Billy Boy Miskimmin) in concert

As part of "The British Invasion" in the 1960s, following The Beatles in 1964 The Zombies were the second UK group to score an American #1 hit. The Zombies were uniquely different, with a subtler style, often jazzier and more inventive chord structures, the prominent keyboards of Rod Argent, and the distinctive voice of Colin Blunstone. She's Not There and Tell Her No were quick hits, but despite continually stunning musical output that has influenced other artists ever since, another hit record was more than four years away, after they'd broken up! The band went their separate ways and eventually, in pieces, the ex-Zombies generated more U.K. chart action during the 70s than they had as bandmates in the 60s. Since regrouping in 2001 the richness of The Zombies' entire catalog been discovered by a whole new generation of fans.

The Yardbirds famed for laying the groundwork for rock guitar as we know it spawned three of the greatest rock guitarist of all time: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Together with bandmates Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty they created hardrock out of standard twelve-bar blues, doubling the tempos and whacking the amps up to ten. On the British club scene, The Yardbirds, along with The Animals and The Rolling Stones ruled the stages, with performances of their classic hits For your Love and Heart Full of Soul . The Yardbirds expanded the range of the electric guitar, experimenting with feedback, sustain, and fuzztone. The Yardbirds were the bridge between the tributary white R&B of early-sixties London and the pastures of fuzz-toned psychedelia and power-chorded heavy metal plowed much later in the decade and throughout the seventies.

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