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Our Q&A with Paul Potts

Posted in News on 09 Jan, 2014

Other than classical music, what other types of art do you enjoy?

I enjoy photography, and spend much of my spare time, both on and off tour taking photographs both in the UK and abroad. Julz, my wife is a very talented sketcher and has got herself into arts and crafts in a big way. She is far more artistic than me!

After winning BGT, you’ve played to audiences all over the world. Where has been a particualrly exciting place to perform?

There are many wonderful places around the world to perform in. Among the most iconic I have performed in is Royal Albert Hall and Sydney Opera House. I’ve also performed at wonderful theatres in the US including the beautiful Beacon Theatre on Broadway in New York City. It’s going to be great to perform where everything started: Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff.

The courage and determination of your story inspired the nation. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Simon Cowell told me to enjoy it but never to believe the hype. While it may sound like rather stern advice, I think it’s really important that you stay true to who you are, and not believe most of what you hear said about you, good or bad.

If you had to choose… what do you think a good theme song for your life might be?

I think it would need to be the theme to “Some Mothers Do ‘Av ‘Em”. I was born clumsy. In One Chance the Movie, many people were surprised how clumsy I appeared to be. Believe me, I was much more clumsy than I was portrayed in the movie. It got to the stage where they considered giving me a car park permit!

Guilty pleasures music-wise! Hit us!

Hmmm, I’m very conventional music-wise, although I drew attention to myself as a child listening to classical music. I’ve always liked music that has been composed and written and I have all of A-ha’s and Chris De Burgh’s albums.

With such a passion for classical music, do you/have you ever played any instruments, or would you like to?

I can play basic piano. I learned as a child, but my teacher caned my hands when I made mistakes so I gave that up. I’ve always been fascinated by guitars. Never been able to get my head around them at all though!

Can you give us a sneaky bit of trivia about your film?

All the adult singing in the film is my voice. I recorded most of these after the film had been shot, so I had to sing to match James Corden’s mouth movements, which was very challenging. Where James is running away from the bullies and breathing hard, that breathing is my breathing, recorded at the same time that I recorded the singing. It was a bit strange heavy breathing into a microphone!

And finally, our star question from competition winner Christine Taylor…


I’d like to take this opportunity to say how much I adore listening to you sing, I find myself getting quite emotional at times! How do you manage to control your feelings when you sing such beautiful songs?

Thank you, Christine! Sometimes when singing something that means a lot to me, I have to struggle to stop myself crying. When I recorded “I love thee” for the movie (which was the song I sang to Julz on our wedding day) I did actually break down at the end. I told Julz about it and I got a typical Julz response: “Soppy git!”

Thanks for your time Paul, and we look forward to the tour!

Thank you, I’m looking forward to it too!


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