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Moonwalk Challenge

Posted in News, Thriller Live on 06 Dec, 2012

Jackson fans in Japan got the chance to take part in a Moonwalk challenge in both Tokyo and Osaka. After watching Thriller Live, wannabe moon walkers fans took turns to strut their stuff in front of a panel of Thriller Live cast members, who marked their efforts out of 10.

The Moonwalk Challenge Winners in Tokyo were:

Ginji Ito (13 years old)
Junpei Hamada (16year old)
Utaya Sakuraba (11 years old)

The winners had their picture taken with the cast on stage in the Roppongi Blue Theatre. The kids in Japan sure know how to move, check out the video below

The Moonwalk challenge winner in Osaka was Rin Meakawa.

Check out their photo below!


From left:
Junya Arakane, Haydon (Judge), Samantha (Judge), Maho Morishita, Rikako Yamazaki, Deandre (Judge), Darius (Guest Challeger), Michael (Judge), Rin Meakawa (Winner!), Shintaro, Sihori Nariki, Miss Ito


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